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Members of our Veterinary team are also highly experienced in all different kinds of emergency surgeries that many pets may be faced with. We have a Senior Veterinary Surgeon who also has many years’ experience in Orthopaedic surgeries.

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Routine Procedures

By investing in our staff, the latest equipment and clinical developments we strive to provide the very best in veterinary care. Our passionate team at Fitzgerald’s have many years of experience in routine operations as well as many others. These include:

Bitch Spays
Cat Spays
Rabbit Spays
Dog Castrations
Cat Castrations
Rabbit Castrations
Dental hygienist cleaning
Dental Surgery
Minor & Major Lump removals

Laboratory Diagnostics & Investigative Services

In practice we can offer a wide range of diagnostic services. These include:

Biochemistry Blood tests
Haematology Blood tests
Endocrine Blood tests
Dermatology Skin Scrapes & Strips
Blood pressure monitoring
ECG monitoring

We also work closely along side a UK based Laboratory called Axiom, which offer a wide range of diagnostic testing that we cannot.


These services can include:

In depth blood testing
Therapeutic drug monitoring
DNA testing
Allergy testing
Grey Paw Background

Referral Services

At Fitzgerald’s when we feel a case needs more than of our 1st opinion expertise, we offer referral services to all our patients.


This can include us arranging quick and easy referrals to independent hospital referrals centres such as North Downs Specialist referrals and The Royal Veterinary College, Queen Mother Hospital.


We also offer select services for Specialists to come into practice, to include specialist ultrasonography, cardiology and endoscopy.

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