Here at Fitzgerald’s we are a proud Royal Canin supplied practice, that share and support the brands values to include Pursuit of knowledge, passion for pet heath, prioritises pet’s needs, precision and perfection in all of their products and respect of a pets true nature and physiology.

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We stock many of the brands food products on our shelves but have access to order all the range on client’s request. Royal Canin offer both their Life stage Diets, which are designed to provide maximum nutrition to all cat’s and dog’s at and stage of their life. They also offer a prescription grade diet that is tailored for specific diseases and conditions, for example Royal Canin’s Renal Diet for Chronic Kidney Disease or Royal Canin’s Urinary Diet for Urinary tract diseases.

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Please contact the practice if you are interested in these diets as they are not stocked in practice, they are ordered specifically on client request. We can even request the food to be delivered directly to your home address.

Introducing the NEW Royal Canin Multifunction Food

Does your pet have multiple health concerns and you can’t decide which ailment you need to prioritise with prescription veterinary food, with their continued research and development, it has allowed the formulation of diets which fully meet the nutritional requirements of cats and dogs with multiple conditions. We are happy to introduce Royal Canin’s solution to this, The Multifunction Diets!

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Palatability Guarantee​

ROYAL CANIN® prides itself on the quality and palatability of their diets and offers a full money back guarantee on all their diets for all our clients.

We are so confident that pets will love ROYAL CANIN® that we offer a 100% money back guarantee on the palatability of their food.


These are the terms of which the Palatability Guarantee apply:

  • If your pet is refusing the food and it is the first time your pet has tried this food, which has been gradually introduced over a 5-7 day period.

  • Only applicable to a single bag of ROYAL CANIN® cat or dog food or a single purchase of wet food

  • For a refund to be made you will be required to bring back the remaining contents of the bag of food containing at least 75% of the food (by weight), and must still be in date, a valid proof of purchase, a written letter explaining what happened when you introduced the food along with, your name, address and contact details.