Prescription Policy

Repeat prescription request period


Monday to Thursday’s please request your pets repeat medicine prescription with 24 hours’ notice.  

Friday to Saturday please be aware that your repeat medicine prescription will be ready to collect the following Monday. 


How does the policy work?


Please be aware, if you turn up to practice to collect a medication you have not previously requested by phone, you will be turned away. We are strict on our 24 hour policy as we need to go through relevant protocols to ensure all repeat prescription requests are closely monitored. 

If your pet is on a long term medication, you will be expected to routinely attend the practice for a repeat prescription health assessment every 6 months. This will allow us to monitor your pets progress closely and abide by the dispensing medicines legislations. Please note, for individual pets we may tailor a more specific treatment path which will be determined by the case vet.

Monitoring of repeat prescriptions medications can also mean for many medicines, routine blood tests to monitor therapeutic levels of medicines and/or monitoring the affect of internal organs and these will be carried out at these repeat prescription health assessments. 

Once your pet has been seen by our Veterinary Surgeon, they can authorise for you to request repeat prescriptions without attending the practice for a maximum of 6 months before your pet will need to be seen again. 


Written Prescriptions 


Here at Fitzgerald’s we understand that many places can run with competitive prices and are always happy to provide a private written prescription if requested. This will allow you to get certain medications through an online retailer. 

We request 24 hours’ notice to prepare a written prescription for you, we will happily provide 6 months’ worth of treatment on these prescriptions from the date we last health assessed your pet. 

Please note, that written prescriptions do incur a small fee. 

Written prescriptions must be collected from the practice, we require this as we have a handmade embossment that may not be picked up on with faxing or photocopying.