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Owned by Thomas Fitzgerald RVN, A1

Ralph is one of Thomas’ Pugs. He is a great addition to the pack and is loved at work for his calm nature and sad looking face, the staff members regularly compare him to Eeyore. He loves to sleep a lot, except from when there is food or cuddles to be had.

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Owned by Thomas Fitzgerald RVN, A1

Edie is the newest member of the Fitzgerald pack; Thomas took on Edie when her previous owners circumstances changed. Joining the pack as the youngest member, she is very spirited and playful. She is also known to love obsessively licking our staff members ankles. She again, is a beautiful little pug. 

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Owned by Dr. Michael Lockerbie BVM MRCVS

Roy, a border collie, has been coming to work since he was a puppy, and for years now has displayed being one of the best behaved practice pets. He is smart and agile, absolutely loves to play fetch and go on long walks with Michael. He greets the staff members with a big howl to say a big hello. Roy enjoys going on his pet friendly holidays every year.

REGGIE IMG_7463.jpg


Owned by Thomas Fitzgerald RVN, A1

Thomas begun his journey with Reggie when he used to dog sit him for his previous owner many years ago. When circumstances changed, Thomas happily took him on into the pack in which he had his previous beloved dog Lola. Reggie is mischievous boy. His pug appearance is mixed with a Border terrier giving him a unique look. As he approaches his senior years he still acts and behaves like a puppy. He is also a big fan of Belly rubs.

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Owned by Monique, Receptionist.

Margo is a wonderfully behaved Staff Cross who is loved by all the staff members, she is incredibly calm natured and so well behaved at work. She has been coming into work with her mum since she was a tiny puppy and finds the Fitzgerald Practice her second home. Margo clearly has a maternal nature as she is always keen to be involved when there are puppies and kittens. At home, Margo lives with multiple cats.

FUDGE IMG_7459.jpg


Owned by Cassie, Receptionist.

Fudge, a Staff Cross, is our oldest lady at work with her grey chin and eyebrows. She fits in perfectly with all the other dogs and has a lovely calm nature. Although she does have her 5 minutes of madness. She likes to sleep a lot of the day and lays in her bed where all the pugs like to lay on top of her. She sometimes acts as our bell, when the staff don’t hear the door go, she does, and she lets us know.