Pets can bring us many joys in life for owners and their families, however, inevitably the day comes where we have to say goodbye to our beloved companions. This is the sad reality of being a pet owner. Here at Fitzgerald’s we have a great understanding of what this day feels like and we have all had to say goodbye to our precious loved ones at some point in time.

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Sometimes it is a decision that no owner wants to make, however sometimes is the kindest last gesture that we can give our pets; the reliefe of suffering. Euthanasia of companion pets is common practice widely and your Veterinary professional can help you make the decision of putting your pet to sleep based off their quality of life.


As we say it is about quality not quantity. There’s a good reason why pet euthanasia is also known as 'putting a pet to sleep.' It is a very peaceful procedure and will help them pass away with as little pain and distress as possible. Please call us for any advise that you may need in deciding if your pet is at this stage of their life.

What does euthanasia involve?


  • If your pet gets distressed or upset, they can be given a mild sedative first to relax them on arrival, this can take some time to take affect (15-45 minutes).

  • The euthanasia drug is usually given through a vein in your pet’s front leg and the vet may put an intravenous catheter into the vein first.

  • When you are ready, the vet will administer a measured overdose of a drug, like an anaesthetic, which will put your pet into a deep and permanent ‘sleep.’

  • There will usually be a veterinary nurse in the room to help the vet, and you can also stay throughout if you like, to stroke or cuddle your pet as they drift off. Please note, if you would not like to stay for the procedure, please be at peace that one of our compassionate nurses will be there to cuddle your pet as they drift off.

  • It doesn’t take long for them to gently slip away (almost instantly) and, most importantly, they shouldn’t suffer any pain.

  • Depending on the circumstances, we do offer house visits for euthanasia’s, in which one of our vet’s and nurses will travel to your house and perform the procedure there (as stated above).

My pet has passed away at home, what should I do?


At your earliest convenience, please call the practice and we can advise you on all the options available in detail. However, your options include:


  • Home Burial

  • Communal Cremation

  • Individual Cremation (with ashes returned to yourselves).


Please have a read of the following CPC leaflets to give you a better understanding of the process. Please note, estimates of costs will be given to you when you call.

Pet Bereavement - Burying your pet at home Leaflet.
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CPC Individual Cremation Services Brochure
Download CPC Individual Cremation Servic